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Committed To Northern Virginia

Stafford Printing was established in 1987 by Howard Owen. Howard gained an interest in the print industry from an early part-time job in a newspaper facility. For nine years, before the founding of Stafford Printing, Howard worked in the heart of the newspaper industry. This time in the newspaper world gave him the requisite expertise to found his own printing business in Virginia.

Initially, Stafford Printing focused on fulfilling the needs of local clientele. The opportunities for Stafford Printing skyrocketed when a national home building company requested Howard’s expertise. Stafford Printing prepared several pieces of marketing collateral for use at their grand opening. Only days later, the vice president of the marketing company for this firm invited Stafford Printing to become their exclusive vendor for print services. Over their 20 years of working together, Stafford Printing’s clientele and reputation grew to include other nationally known clients with home offices in the Washington DC area.

As the economic climate changed, so too did Stafford Printing’s focus. Today, our main priority is print services for corporate clients, non-profits, higher education, and the medical industry. One of our primary print products is direct mail postcards and other items intended for consumer mailouts.

What Makes Stafford Printing Different?


We don’t make promises we can’t keep. We value your trust and establish our reliability through transparent work practices and a rock-solid commitment to complete honesty.


    It’s not enough to hire printing specialists. Stafford Printing employs a team of professionals that are friendly, enthusiastic, and committed to excellence in every print project we undertake.


    We know time is of the essence when it comes to your printed products. We work on an efficient timeline, ensuring a quick turnaround from the placing of your order to delivery to your door.


      Your printed projects must pass the most stringent control tests. We aren’t satisfied with the work until you are.


        It is our goal to offer you the highest quality print products at the most affordable price in the state.

          Why Do Other Businesses Choose Stafford Printing?

          In the spring of 2022, Stafford Printing was honored to receive the Small Business of the Year Award from Fredericksburg, Virginia’s Chamber of Commerce. An award recognizing local businesses with premium quality products and a dedication to community involvement. The Chamber of Commerce recognized the Stafford Printing contribution to the local community and noted our honesty, principles-driven work practices, and exceptional customer service.

          Howard Owen, Stafford Printing’s founder and owner, is firmly committed to investing in community initiatives. To this end, Howard is actively involved in many boards and serves as a member of several clubs including the Rappahannock Rotary Club, the Stafford County Economic Development Authority, the Stafford Hospital Foundation, Loisann’s Hope House, and the Fredericksburg Symphony.

          Looking for a Virginia-based company that truly cares about you, your company, and the community?

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