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Why Use Promotional Materials?

Promotional materials, sometimes referred to as “swag,” are logo-printed items that can be used to draw attention to your brand.

The right promotional materials are a powerful tool to help increase interest within your target market. Printed promotional items offer you an excellent way to instill brand recognition, which builds and maintains a presence in your industry.

Though many organizations rely heavily on digital marketing initiatives to draw a new customer base, customers worldwide are still most powerfully drawn to print media efforts. Today, companies who print media to digital marketing initiatives are 400% more effective in their campaigns.¹

Promotional materials have an advantage in their tangibility over digital marketing. People respond well to something they can hold in their hands, something that offers them a sense of permanency and legitimacy.

Though potential customers can click away from a digital ad to a new screen on their computers in an instant, a pen that bears your logo and branding may become a permanent fixture in their home or office, helping to build brand awareness and loyalty.

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My Promotional Materials Need To…

Reach a Larger Customer Base

  • Large selection of customizable promotional items
  • Options with mass appeal
  • Rapid turnaround on all orders
  • Strategic branding for maximum impact
  • Affordable pricing, allowing you to do giveaways that increase brand reach

Increase Your Brand Awareness

  • Large inventory of customizable, wearable, and portable items
  • High quality branded goods that reinforce your brand’s value
  • Useful promotional materials people will keep and use for years
  • Beautiful and unique designs to set your business apart from the crowd

    Work Within a Limited Budget

    • Reasonably priced promotional materials
    • Small print runs with no minimum orders
    • Eco-friendly, sustainable print products
    • Locally produced products with quick turnaround times

    Why Our Customers Choose Us for Strategic Promotional Materials

    The average household is said to have approximately 30 promotional products in their homes. Logo-printed apparel has the highest success rate, with 85% of all recipients remembering the advertiser and expressing brand loyalty to the product.

    Our partners recognize that the high quality printed promotional materials from Stafford Printing make an impact on their business. Our customers have an average 23% conversion rate from their promotional giveaways. Spending a little bit of money upfront can yield a lot more down the road!

    Stafford Printing offers you high quality, affordable promotional products that are sure to make an impression.

    Enjoy the Many Advantages of Promotional Materials

    Reinforce Brand Loyalty

    • Automatic brand recognition
    • Promotes good will towards the product and company
    • Improves brand awareness in new markets

    Fulfill a Need

    • Useful for the recipient
    • Solves a problem for the consumer
    • Continuous brand reminder

    Affordable Marketing Tool

    • Inexpensive to purchase
    • Small production runs
    • Limited upfront investment for maximum impact

    How Other Organizations Use Our Promotional Materials

    Ideas for your client prospecting, engagement, and relationship management:

    • Client thank yous
    • Trade shows
    • Giveaways
    • Corporate events
    • Welcome gift for new clients
    • Corporate milestone gifts
    • Just because gifts
    • Catalogs
    • Flags
    • Banners
    • Direct mail postcards
    • Brochures
    • Business cards
    • Signs

    Enjoy the Many Advantages of Promotional Materials

    Whether you’re looking for your company logo on pens, t-shirts, hats, or even coffee mugs, Stafford Printing can deliver your design in even the most colorful hues. Stafford Printing is your go-to Virginia-based printing company when you need beautiful and functional customized promotional materials that make your business shine. Our promotional items help you increase your brand awareness and customer loyalty so that your trust in us is well worth the investment. 


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