Perfect Bound Books

An Economical Way to Demonstrate Your Expertise and Elevate Your Brand

What are Perfect Bound Books?

The binding type you choose for your book is one of the most critical decisions you’ll make during the publishing process. Details such as the finish on the cover, the selected paper stock, and the trim size of the pages reinforce your work’s quality to your readers. Give your book the professional polish it deserves by choosing perfect bound printing.

Perfect bound printing is the binding process for softcover books, which involves gluing the cover and inside pages together to the book’s central spine. Once properly adhered, the book is trimmed, resulting in a flawless finished product.

How Can We Help You?

Need a Small Number of Books?

We offer:

  • No minimum print orders
  • Rapid turnaround
  • Additional print runs of any size on demand
  • Strategic branding for maximum impact

      Want to Self-Publish Your Book?

      We deliver:

      • A quality partner dedicated to your project
      • Local professionals working alongside you
      • Higher quality than big box store printers
      • Comprehensive expertise from in-person support staff

        Have a Tight Printing Budget?

        We provide:

        • Affordable pricing
        • Quick shipping from a local printer
        • Small print runs
        • Eco-friendly, sustainable print products

        Why Our Customers Choose Us for Perfect Bound Books

        The professionals at Stafford Printing understand the excitement surrounding the printing of your book. Whether it’s your first book or your fifth, you need a printing partner that pays attention to detail and ensures quality binding for your book.

        We partner with both individual and high-level organizations across Virginia and the Washington, D.C. area to provide fast, friendly, and professional service. Stafford Printing is a business that you can trust to provide you with perfect bound books that enhance your personal and professional profile. Wherever your book is displayed, you’re sure to draw positive attention. 

        What Are the Advantages of Perfectly Bound Books?


        • Easily portable
        • Different size options
        • Take up less space
        • Stackable


            • Resistant to wear and tear
            • Strong spines
            • Built to last


                • Inexpensive to print
                • Greater profit margin
                • Small print runs

                    How Other Organizations Use Perfect Bound Books

                    • Catalogs
                    • Training manuals
                    • Instructional guides
                    • Self-published novels
                    • Textbooks
                    • Reference materials
                    • Reports
                    • Magazines
                    • Photo books

                    Help Your Book Stand Out From the Crowd

                    with perfect bound books from Stafford Printing!

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